Jason Chalom

Software Engineer, Gamer, Student, Computer Scientist
I build. I make. I code.

About Me

I am a Computer Scientist, gamer and software engineer
At the moment I am a graduate student trying to complete my masters degree at the University of the Witwatersrand.

I am a dedicated and hard worker who is not afraid of a challenge and who does not give up easily.

None of the views I expressed here (and on my blog) are that of my Employer's.

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A written CV, and my qualifications will be provided on request.

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My Skills and Experience

Since my first year of university I have aimed to get internships, independent consultant work and other work experience in the software field. I have worked with many technologies including NodeJS and .Net. I also worked at my university tasked with running extra mural courses in software development, helping students for software projects and making a Massively Open Online Course in software development. In my computer science experience, I have worked with machine learning, artificial intelligence, high performance computing, image processing, computer vision and technologies like Cuda.

I have professionally been a Ruby on Rails developer for the last few years and also had a minor focus on computer security.

My Blog

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give me suggestions on my projects, or to just say hello!

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