A repo of all my old Research Projects. From High School and University


After watching the TED talk "Two young scientists break down plastics with bacteria"

I could relate to their project in the fact that I did my own river research study. It was not on the same scope, having the same support or as good as what they did but I thought that perhaps I should provide a place to my research in case someone else would want a jumpboard for their own research.

My earlier work will not be as refined as later work. A lot of reports probably won't be formatted 'correctly' and may contain spelling mistakes. I tend to do a lot of back-end work and then at the end when I'm exhausted I put it together. I know thats bad and I'm working on it.

I have thought of including the histories and indiviual files to these projects, and in some cases I will but some will only be the final pdf. That is because either I have lost data, or the components when looked at objectively, becomes sort of abstract and not realy in the scope of the final document - where I put all the good bits and stuff (I know words escape me).

This idea is to put my work, good, bad and ungly out there so that it is seen. I don't like doing something for an arbituary and useless value (mark) and then forget about it and never again look back.

I have another repository for all my old code. It is on a similar vein as this one.

The whole repository is protected under the MIT license. The research I have done with others, the MIT license will extend to them.


Here is some documentation for the projects in this repo.


This is my highschool science research project. It is a river study on a river which flows from the heart of the city I live in, Johannesburg and through the suburbs (Where I live) and into townships. That was the scope of my research.

The expermental theory may not be as emperical as I would like it to be today, but at the time I had never done anything on the scope, level or intensity. I also did not have the support or access to tools required to properly analyse samples. I used sight identification and water/medical testing strips. I was lucky to have access to highly skilled and educated teachers, such as the bilogy teacher who helped to identify plant species. And the one Information Technology teacher who helped me to analyse the computer data.

The link to the final pdf is:

Elevator Project

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