This blog has had a few migrations to different technologies. In most cases I found a lot of friction to writing new posts which led me to move onto some other technology.

From the beginning I wanted to host this blog on GitHub pages. That is where my homepage is hosted. I have configured my domain to work with GitHub and CloudFlare and so this led me to try more niche technologies to render my blog - which support GitHub Pages.

I don't really like Jekyll which is my reason for settling on HubPress. But now the project appears dormant and I really have no time to pick up support for an open-source project. I was using a Ghost theme I ported to support HubPress so I decided to try out Ghost and I really like it. Its simple but provides lots of nice features such as its post editor interface which is very slick.

Ive followed a tutorial from on how to use Ghost on GitHub pages but there is quite a bit of manual work and it's a pain. For now Im going to try it out and generate static versions of this blog which I'll commit to GitHub.

Most likely in the future I'll move this blog to a hosting solution of some description so that the editing interface can live with the blog and this process can become less tedious and less manual.

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